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Why talk about Time during PreMarital Counseling?

Time is one of the most prevalent yet subtle aspects of married life.

There is the goal that your marriage will last over time. There is the need for time spent together. There is the way that two people practice time management so that everything gets done. There is the need to plan for the future which calls for focus over an extended period of time.

How each of you uses your time will be a factor in your marriage and discussions of this are available in PreMarital Counseling.

Why talk about Touch during PreMarital Counseling?

With marriage comes the hope of affection and intimacy. We can discuss what this means to each of you, how much, often often, and what type of touch means the most to you. We will talk about ways to keep the spark alive once daily routines take over. We'll talk about never using affection as a bargaining tool and what happens when affection is withheld as punishment.

Why talk about Thanks in PreMarital Counseling?

Part of the foundation for a strong marriage is appreciation and acknowledgment for your partner and what they do for you. We will cover this as well.

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