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PreMarital Counseling Los Angeles

Dona Laressa Desmond PhD


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As a counselor I help Same Sex Couples prepare for marriage

During our sessions together I will share with you ways to fortify your foundation so that you can weather more smoothly the storms that come your way, coming out stronger as a Couple.

I have experience counseling Same Sex Couples in the LA area since the mid-1990’s. It has been my pleasure to assist gay men and lesbian couples in resolving some of the inevitable issues that arise from falling in love and building a life together. Here are some of the topics we can cover together on our PreMarital Sessions.

Here are a few of the topics we can cover together in our PreMarital Sessions

Same Sex PreMarital


Resolving conflicts smoothly

Coping with change

Sex, intimacy and romance

Sharing decisions

Disagreeing without damage

Outside Friends



Extended family interactions


Location of home

Hidden expectations

Handling your differences

Time to one's self

Creating a unique marriage

Avoiding your parents mistakes

Keeping small problems small

Fighting fair

Relationship Crisis

Defining loyalty

Building a positive atmosphere

Needs,  Wants, Wishes

Chores and housekeeping

Career goals after marriage

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Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

PreMarital Counselor & Couples Therapist

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