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How do you talk to each other?

Good communication is one of the skills that most impacts marriage. It gives you a firm base for solving problems together, enhances intimacy and makes it easier to handle life as a Couple.

Do you have problems seeing eye to eye sometimes? Do minor conversations end up in unnecessary arguments? Do you disagree about your perceptions then you argue over who is right? I can help you learn to avoid conflicts and have smoother communication. This is an area of expertise for me and one we will cover together in our PreMarital Counseling sessions.

Why emphasize communication in PreMarital Counseling?

Marriages are inspired by love but often wounded by poor communication. It's helpful to check your level of effective communication before the wedding. I'll help you secure positive communication skills that you can build on once you're married.

More about communication

Relationships are very resilient. Ultimately in marriage things move in cycles. Sometimes you feel more love, sometimes you have more sex, but the one constant is communication. It's something you will do every day so it's wise to lock in positive communication skills before the wedding. In PreMarital Counseling we will cover the healthiest ways to do this.

What types of communication issues will be covered in PreMarital Counseling?

     Staying calm while discussing difficult topics

     Solving problems together smoothly

     Getting on the same page about big decisions

     Getting what you need without being demanding

     How to let things go

     Leaving the past in the past

     Talk without attacking and blaming

     Communicate without making things worse

     Listen so that your spouse feels understood

     Breaking bad communication patterns

     Finding new ways to relate

     Voice tone, timing and avoiding emotional escalations

     Keeping respect, love, and tenderness in your communication together

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