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Emotional expectations in marriage

It's safe to say that, in marriage, we usually expect to able to trust, speak our minds, let down our guard, share our secrets and stick together no matter what the fates deliver. The best time to discuss expectations is prior to the wedding.

Some expectations are universal and easy to articulate, like honesty and loyalty.

Other expectations are harder to describe. It's these hidden expectations that could cause friction later.

How can I help you?

In a gentle but specific way I will help you clarify the subtle expectations that you have for your life together. We will also discuss realistic expectations for married life.

It's much easier to have a little help examining your expectations, and a PreMarital Therapist can help you see past your blindspots.

What if we don't want to discuss expectations?

PreMarital Counseling is a service for you. I will let you know what topics I feel are worth exploring in order to have a happy marriage, it is up to you to decide which things are important to you in your relationship and those are the ones we'll discuss.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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Expectations in Marriage