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PreMarital Counseling Los Angeles

Dona Laressa Desmond PhD, LMFT

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Resolving conflicts smoothly

Coping with change

Sex, intimacy and romance

Sharing decisions

Disagreeing without damage



Extended family interactions


Location of home

Chores and housekeeping

Career goals after marriage

Hidden expectations

Handling your differences

Time to one's self

Creating a unique marriage

Avoiding your parents mistakes

Keeping small problems small

Fighting fair

Crisis response in relationship

Defining loyalty

Building a positive atmosphere

Communication about needs

In PreMarital Counseling we review the pillars of a successful marriage and find ways to empower you for a satisfying future together. It's easier to lay a solid groundwork in advance rather than to try to fix problems later so if you feel that you or your fiancé have a particular blind spot we can also work on that.

Our focus together is on positive relationship skills that will give your marriage stability and satisfaction.

How long does PreMarital Counseling take?

The average length of time for PreMarital Counseling is 3-6 sessions of one hour each.

Is PreMarital Counseling religious?

I don’t do religious counseling. The service that I offer is rooted in proven psychological techniques for marriage enhancement.  My training is in communication, positive conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and the Science of Intimacy Enhancement. So my focus is on providing you with counseling for creating a lasting, fulfilling marriage together. If religion is a part of your marriage and you want to discuss it we can cover that in our discussion about your shared beliefs and values as a couple.

What is the structure of PreMarital Counseling?

We sit in a comfortable room together and in that calm, undistracted space we decide what topics you feel you will benefit from discussing. Then I will bring 22 years of expertise to helping you create the marriage of your dreams.

Who sets the agenda during PreMarital Counseling?

You do. I will review options with you but we will discuss only the areas that you want to discuss.

What is the benefit of PreMarital Counseling?

Solid skills and practical perspectives on how to create a long and satisfying marriage.

What type of things are covered in PreMarital Counseling?

Who am I and how can I help you?

I am a Couples Therapist with 22 years of experience in the Los Angeles area. I specialize in helping Couples create marriages that last. My office has a safe and optimistic atmosphere. I am very clear on what emotional and psychological skills are needed to create the marriage of your dreams. In this site I will share with you what PreMarital Counseling is, how it works, how long it takes, what it costs and what you can expect.

   "...22 years experience in the Los Angeles area..."

Why consider PreMarital Counseling?

PreMarital Counseling is the closest thing that we have to a type of emotional insurance policy. A few sessions can really help you lay the foundation for a secure, emotionally cooperative and intimate marriage. In psychology we know that, over time, certain behaviors corrode love while certain behaviors make it stronger.  Love is a powerful feeling that needs to be fed by other less emotional factors, such as communication, smooth problem solving, trust, shared values and mutual goals.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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