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Affection is a very interesting thing in marriage. It is more an expression of the heart than the sex drive. It can be demonstrated with words, acts of helpfulness, thoughtful gestures or physical touch.  Knowing what types of affection mean the most to your spouse gives you a roadmap for satisfaction. It's also a discussion in our PreMarital sessions.


Trust is the gift that keeps on giving. With mutual trust you will feel confident, safe and empowered as a Couple. Trust is the ground that supports your marriage. It will hold your commitment in a steady course as you meet the challenges of life together.  Many aspects go into creating trust and we'll discuss them in our PreMarital sessions together.


If you want to discuss your sexual relationship as part of your Premarital Counseling we will treat it with the sensitivity that it deserves. Since sexual compatibility is a big part of marriage we can discuss such topics as getting needs met, asking for what you want, keeping the flame alive, timing, frequency, communication, foreplay and intimacy.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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Affection, Trust & Sex