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Handling anger

In PreMarital Counseling we will touch on the issue of anger, what triggers it, how to diffuse it and when to avoid it. I will show you positive ways to resolve arguments so that you can move through challenges smoothly without hurt feelings and emotional damage. I will also show you ways to communicate with kindness and respect about things that are bothering you.

Is anger inevitable in marriage?

There will be angry moments, still it's possible to have a cooperative marriage that meets the needs of both people and that is the focus of my PreMarital Counseling with you.

The trick is to have positive ways to deal with upsetting things before they grow into resentments. I'll show you safe, respectful communication skills that will help with this.

Anger is usually a result of annoyance, hurt feelings and frustration fueled by stress.

Resentment is the offspring of suppressed anger.  I can help you perfect the kind of communication that inspires cooperation and avoids the build up of resentments over time.

Avoid resentments

Resentment is a type of slow rust that eats away at love and compatibility.

No one wants a married life filled with conflict.

It's true that people rarely marry someone exactly like themselves. Typically we fall in love and mate with people who complete us in some way and this is possible because of how different we are.

Being opposites can be intriguing, but it can also be a breeding ground for occasional conflict.

We cover the issue of resentment in PreMarital Counseling as a way to insulate your marriage from it.

Don't let personality differences bruise you emotionally

In PreMarital Counseling you will learn how to navigate your differences and diffuse annoyances.

My focus is always on empowering Couples with the tools that will help you keep the atmosphere in your marriage emotionally safe and fulfilling.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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Avoid Resentment