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Extended family

One of the topics we can discuss in our sessions together is the role of extended family in your upcoming marriage.

Usually there is extended family involvement during the wedding phase but after that you may want a different level of involvement with your extended family.

Do you get along with your family or your fiancés parents or their siblings? How much time do you want to spend with them once you're married?

How much emotional or financial involvement will you feel comfortable with as time goes by? How about after children arrive?

Are you and your fiancé on the same page about this?

In PreMarital Counseling we can discuss this, if you like, and I will help you come to an agreement and get on the same page going forward.

Friends ~ Yours... Mine... Ours...

Well, this is often a hot topic in marriage! It’s a treasure to have old friends who knew you when. Your future spouse, however, may see it differently.

Things to think about

Do you share friends in common with your fiancé?

What about spending time with friends after marriage?

Will you be comfortable if your spouse hangs with friends without you there?

Is there that one friend that you just don't like?

Is there a previous love interest that is now “just a really good friend?”

How much are you willing to share your future spouse with their friends?

What about making new friends that you don't share as a Couple?

Do you feel that after marriage all new friends should be friends of both of you?

What PreMarital Counseling can do for you

There are many variations on topic and the only right answer is what works for you, what makes you both feel safe and happy in the marriage.

If you are unresolved about the topic of outside friends and extended family then we can discuss it together in your PreMarital Counseling sessions. Just let me know.

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Extended Family & Friends