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Children, Fertility, IVF, Pregnancy

Whether you have children from another marriage or you are hoping to have children for the first time together, this topic can be a discussion during our PreMarital Counseling sessions. It can be a short discussion or more in depth depending on your need and preference.

Difficulties in Conceiving

If you are facing challenges in trying to get pregnant and decide to add fertility treatments I highly recommend that you see a Couples Therapist who is experienced in supporting Couples going through this process. The medical, emotional and financial stresses that come with fertility treatments will tax your coping reserves. Some compassionate, focused Couples Counseling at this time is a great gift to your relationship. Let me help you approach this challenge in a more confident, relaxed and united way.  

I also provide Couples Counseling during these Fertility-related Treatments

Donor Eggs, Donor Sperm, IVF, IUI, Fertility Drugs and Surrogates.

Parenthood-focused Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, with a specific focus on planning for parenthood, is also an area where I may be able to help you.

It is my pleasure to emotionally and clinically support Couples going through the stages of pregnancy from decision to delivery.

Who can deny the power of that unique longing for a child? For some it’s a longing that is always just below the surface, for other’s it is a sudden realization. However it arrives, it is a strong motivation to get the other aspects of your relationship organized and in alignment.

The decision to get pregnant is one of the most joyful, and yet sometimes stressful, decision points in life. Couples Therapy can help you with the relationship challenges that surface around getting pregnant as well as provide you with support during fertility treatments should they become necessary.

Here are some of the types of issues that Parenthood-focused Couples Therapy with me can help you address and resolve.


Is there a best time to start a family?

In this category we look at finances, age, housing, employment, other children, extended family support and where you are at with your overall goals.

We deal with whether or not both potential parents agree that this is the best time to start a family.


Here we deal with getting potential parents on the same page about about when, how, and if to get pregnant. I can help you sort it out in a calm, supportive atmosphere.

Expectations and How to Parent Together

Expectations are a big issue for Couples who are pregnant or starting the pregnancy process. As a therapist I can say that many unforeseen problems arise from unspoken and unexplored expectations. Everyone has expectations, usually we are only half aware of them. As an experienced Couples Therapist I will help you articulate them and get everything out into the open.

Conflict Resolution and Communication

At no time in your relationship is conflict resolution more important than once children arrive. If you aren't great at this before children you will benefit mightily by learning those skills in counseling. I am happy to help you. If you think that learning better ways to communicate with each other would benefit you I can definitely help you with that.

Issues of Selfhood

Who am I now that I am a parent? Who are we as a family? How do I meet the needs of my family while keeping a sense of my individuality? Can I still have Me Time?

Please note- I don’t work with custody issues or legal divorce proceedings

IVF, Fertility, Pregnancy

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

PreMarital Counselor & Couples Therapist

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