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Maintaining trust

Trust is a central pillar in a happy, lasting marriage.

Trust occurs in two ways. It is either freely given or earned over time. If trust has been damaged this is a great loss but it can be regained with time and consistent effort.

Some of the fruits of a true commitment are a feeling of deep trust, knowing that your spouse has your back and being able to count on each other. All these things help you exhale and relax inside your marriage.

Things that promote intimacy and strengthen trust are covered in PreMarital Counseling. I will help you negotiate what you need to feel safe and emotionally secure in your marriage.


It is not required that you talk about the concept of loyalty during PreMarital Counseling. It is however a topic that I can explore with you if you wish. There are a few good reasons to address it. One may be that you have been cheated on in the past and want to affair proof your up coming marriage. Another may be that it's just not something that you have ever discussed with your fiancé and you might feel that the topic deserves a conversation.

The most significant reason that I see for having a discussion about loyalty is to get a clear understanding between you about what each of you would define as cheating. It's good to be clear about it even if it never happens.

PreMarital Counseling is a safe, neutral and calm space and is the perfect venue for a discussion of this topic, if you choose.

As I say, what we discuss is up to you.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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Loyalty & Trust