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Stress in marriage

In our PreMarital sessions we will discuss the major stressors that occur in marriage plus the best ways to handle stress in ways that support each other.

The wonderful journey of marriage is cyclical in it’s challenges. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing on the waters of deep contentment. Often stress comes from outside sources and is unavoidable. Maybe you have a partner who thrives on stressful chaos and you are the calm one or visa versa.

Stress can shortcut happiness and lower the ability to solve daily problems together in marriage. Stress also impacts your availability for intimacy.

Managing stress within the marriage is a “power tool” for building your sanctuary of love and support. Stress can come from many places ~ your jobs, kids, the pursuit of your goals, health issues, extended family pressures or personality clashes.

The good news is that stress doesn't have to get the upper hand.You can fortify your marriage by having good stress management skills. During our PreMarital sessions together I can show you some ways to manage external stress and diffuse internal ones.

Dona Laressa Desmond, PhD, LMFT

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